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Laminate Benchtop - Nero Portoro (Linear mm cost)

See measurement diagrams below for millimeter conversion.

900 Laminate Benchtop - Nero Portoro (Linear mm cost)

Laminate Benchtops

GoldenHome offers you German manufactured Duropal Quadra high pressure laminates (HPL) benchtops, 39mm thick with a 3mm radius and Drip - Relief Groove and sealed underside with a Vapour Resistant Foil to minimize the risk of moisture creeping into your cabinets. Our selection of Pfleiderer DUROPAL Quadra Laminated Benchtops, are extremely Stain, Scratch, Impact and Chemical Resistant, thus providing a highly durable surface on a HMR core.Duropal Quadra Worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price.

Model: Island Bench 2


  • Resistant to coffee stains - Hot coffee or tea simply wipe off, even after several hours.
  • Resistant to chemicals - Household chemicals or detergents will not react to Duropal worktops.
  • Resistant to cigarette burns - No cracks, blisters or burns occur if a cigarette is left burning on the surface the marks on the surface can simply be wiped away.
  • Resistant to red wine stains - Red wine, fortified wine, spirits or red cabbage stains are easy to wipe, even the next day.
  • Resistant to hot pans - Duropal is very resistant to high temperatures (e.g. vegetables in boiling water), but for frying pans and casseroles straight from the oven, use a protective pad.
  • Resistant to ink stains - Ink or shoe polish can be wiped away after many hours without leaving any stains.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light - Daylight, ultraviolet radiation, neon light.The colour of Duropal worktops will not fade.
  • Resistant to fruit juice - Citrus fruit, milk and vinegar stains are easy to remove from the surface.
  • Resistant to high impact - High impact resistant Duropal worktops will withstand object such as tins of food falling from cupboards onto the surface.
  • Resistant to scratching - The tough melamine resin surface provides the decor with the best possible protection against scratching.
  • Resistant to steam - Steam from domestic appliances or boiling water have no impact.

How to measure your benchtop:


Model 1:

Model 1 - Laminate Benchtop
Lineal MM Meters MilliMeters Unit Cost Total Cost
900 mm Depth 2 2000 $0.42 $840
600 mm Depth 1.8 1800 $0.32 $576
600mm Depth 1 1000 $0.32 $320
Total Benchtop Cost $1736


Model 2: 

Model 2 - Laminate Benchtop
Lineal mm Meters MilliMeter Unit Cost Total Cost
900 mm Depth 3 3000  $0.42 $1260
600 mm Depth 2.4 2400  $0.32 $768
Total Cost $2028
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