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Carcass Dimensions (WxDxH)mm : 1000(door 450)x560x720

1000mm Blind Corner -A

1000mm Blind Corner

DIY friendly step by step guide using easy to understand instructions. You can assemble yourself and save money. All you need is basic DIY skills and hand tools along with the ability to read and understand instructions

 Soft close doors 

  • No more slamming doors 
  • Everything shuts smoothly and silently
  • Soft close helps extend the life of your kitchen and minimizes the need for maintenance by placing less stress on the hinges
  • Prevents fingers from being slammed in doors due to the doors closing softly

 Clip on/clip off, 110 Degree, 6 way adjustable and soft close hinges

  • Easy to remove doors for cleaning or adjusting shelves
  • Hinge alignment is just two turns of a screwdriver (No need for a tradesman)
  • Soft-close hinges, made by DTC and Blum, offer better access and accurate door adjustment

Moisture Resistant Material
High Moisture Resistant (HMR) board, providing maximum resistance to moisture. Easy to clean, prevents delaminating of surfaces

1.3mm ABS edging

Provides a tough impact resistant surface that will not chip or delaminate, unlike the old melamine tape

Predrilled doors, drawer fronts and carcases and kitchen to 2200mm or 2300mm

  • Makes for easy assembly and installation and adjustable shelves
  • 720h floor cabinets with 1 adjustable shelf

Solid 16mm construction

16mm carcases, all with solid backs, provides maximum strength and durability, supports heavier loads and facilitates easier installation.

Double vertical rails on top

This provides maximum strength and durability and helps the cabinetry retain its shape

Adjustable commercial grade polymer legs

  • Adjustable polymer legs provide stability on an uneven floor
  • Load bearing polymer legs keep moisture away from cabinets
  • 145mm kickboards click on to polymer legs




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